Guild Library

Our library which is housed at SIMS Guild room, contains over 600 volumes of wonderful, inspiring and informative books, workshop binders, pamphlets and DVDs. Below is the index for these items which can be sorted by Author, Title, Category or Beginner. Adjust the number of items per page in ‘Show’ to make searching easier.

We also have many issues of the following magazines: Fiberarts, Handwoven, Ply, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Spin-Off, Vav. Weaver’s Journal, Weavers and Wild Fibers.

Adrosko, Rita J.Natural Dyes & Home DyeingBookDyeing
Albers, AnniOn DesigningBookWeaving
Albers, AnniOn WeavingBookWeaving
Albright, BarbaraThe Natural KnittedBookKnitting
Alderman, S. & K. WertenbergerHandwoven Tailormade (Copy #2)BookSewing
Alderman, S. & K. WertenbergerHandwoven TailormadeBookWeaving
Alderman, SharonHand Weaver's Notebook, ABookWeaving
Alderman, SharonMastering Weave StructuresBookWeaving
Allen, Heather A.Weaving Contemporary Rag RugsBookWeaving
Allen, Heather A.Weaving Contemporary Rag RugsBookWeaving
Amos, AldenSpinning Wheel PrimerBookSpinning
Anderson, BerylCreative Spinning, Weaving & Plant DyeingBookSpinning, Dyeing
Anderson, SarahSpinner's Book of Yarn DesignsBookSpinning
Angstadt, JacobDesigns - ReplicaBookWeaving
Angstadt, JacobHis Weavers Patron BookBookWeaving
Arn-Grischott, UrsinaDoppelgewebe (Double weave) - German textBookWeaving
Arn-Grischott, UrsinaDoubleweaveBookWeaving
Aspin, ChrisWoollen Industry, ThePamphletWeaving
Aspin, ChrisCotton Industry, ThePamphletWeaving
Ates, MehmetTurkish Carpets: The Language of Motifs & SymbolsBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsByways in HandweavingBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsHandwoven RugsBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsShuttlecraft Guild Recipe Book - PhotocopyBinderWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsWeaving on a Card LoomBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsShuttlecraft Guild Bulletin, The (indexed)BinderWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsShuttle Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsShuttle Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsDesign and the HandweaverBinderWeaving
Baines, PatriciaSpinning WheelsBookSpinning
Baines, PatriciaFlax and LinenPamphletSpinning
Baines, PatriciaLinen Hand Spinning and WeavingBookWeaving, Spinning
Baizerman, S. & K. SearleFinishes in the Ethnic TraditionBookWeaving
Barber, Elizabeth WaylandWomen's WorkBookHistory
Barker, JuneMaking Plaits and BraidsBookBraiding
Barrett, ClothildeShadow Weave, Corkscrew WeaveBookWeaving
Barrett, ClothildeSummer & Winter and BeyondBookWeaving
Barrett, ClothildeBound WeaveBookWeaving
Barrett, ClothildeSummer & Winter and BeyondBookWeaving
Barrett, Clothilde & Eunice SmithDouble Two-Tie Unit WeavesBookWeaving
Bateson, VivienneWoven ChicBookWeaving
Beard, Betty J.Fashions from the LoomBookWeaving
Belfer, NancyWeaving Design and ExpressionBookWeaving
Bemiss, ElijahDyer's Companion, TheBookDyeing
Bennett, N. & T. BighorseWorking with Wool: How to Weave a Navajo RugBookWeaving
Bentley, MarySummer & Winter Weave, TheBookWeaving
Bergen, JohnAll About UpholsteringBookWeaving
Bériau, O.A.Tissage DomestiqueBookWeaving
Bériau, O.A.Home WeavingBookWeaving
Best, EleanorPatterns for Weaving from 8 to 16 Harnesses, Vol 1BookWeaving
Beutlich, TadekTechnique of Woven Tapestry, TheBookWeaving
Birrell, VerlaTextile Arts, TheBookWeaving, Dyeing
Birren, FaberPrinciples of ColorBookColour
Black, Mary E.Key to Weaving, TheBookWeavingBeginner
Black, Mary E.New Key to Weaving, TheBookWeavingBeginner
Black, Mary E. & M.J. ChownThread Guide for HandweaversBookWeaving
Blacker, SuePure WoolBookKnitting
Bliss, AnneNorth American Dye PlantsBookDyeing
Blum, Grace D.Functional OvershotBookWeaving
Blumenau, LiliCreative Design in Wall HangingsBookWeaving
Blumenthal, B. & K. ReiderHands on DyeingBookDyeingBeginner
Boeger, LexiIntertwinedBookSpinning, Knitting
Boesel, IngridDrawdowns for One Throw and One Pillow CoverBookWeaving
Bogdanor, Lura JimTo the Finish (Knit & Crochet for Handwovens)BookKnitting
Boggs, JaceySpin ArtBookSpinning
Bolton, Eileen M.Lichens for Vegetable DyeingBookDyeing
Born, W.Spinning Wheel, ThePamphletSpinning
Bowen, GodfreyNew Zealand and Its SheepPamphletSpinning
Bradley, ElizabethDecorative Victorian NeedleworkBookNeedlework
Bress, HeleneInkle WeavingBookWeavingBeginner
Bress, HeleneWeaving Book, TheBookWeaving
Brooklyn Botanic GardenDyeplants & Dyeing, A HandbookPamphletDyeing
Brooklyn Botanic GardenNatural Plant DyeingPamphletDyeing
Brooks, C. & C. HigginsGentle DyesBookDyeing
Brostoff, LayaProfessional Handweaving - Fly Shuttle LoomBookWeaving
Brostoff, LayaDouble Weave: Theory & PracticeBookWeaving
Brostoff, LayaWeaving a TapestryBookWeaving
Brown, Harriette J.Hand Weaving for Pleasure and ProfitBookWeaving
Brown, RachelWeaving, Spinning & Dyeing BookBookWeaving, Spinning, DyeingBeginner
Buchanan, RitaDyer’s Garden, ABookDyeing
Buchanan, RitaWeaver's Garden, ABookDyeing
Burnham, Dorothy K.Cut My CoteBookWeaving
Burnham, Dorothy K.Comfortable Arts, TheBookWeaving, Spinning
Burnham, H.B. & D.K. BurnhamKeep Me Warm One NightBookWeaving
Burrill, JoSpinning on the WheelPamphletSpinning
Burt, JocelynPatterns for WeavingBookWeaving
Buxton, JudithSelected Canadian Spinning Wheels in PerspectiveBookSpinning
Cannon, John & MargaretDye Plants and DyeingBookDyeing
Carey, JacquiBeginner's Guide to Braiding, ABookBraidingBeginner
Cason, M. & A. CahlanderArt of Bolivian Highland Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Casselman, Karen DiadickLichen Dyes: A Source BookBookDyeing
Casselman, Karen DiadickNatural Dyes of the Asia Pacific RegionBookDyeing
Casselman, Karen L.Craft of the Dyer: Colour from Plants & Lichens of the NortheastBookDyeing
Castino, RuthSpinning & Dyeing the Natural WayBookSpinning
Caton, Susan TurnbullClotheslinesBookLanguage
Chadwick, EileenCraft of Handspinning, TheBookSpinning
Chandler, DeborahLearning to WeaveBookWeavingBeginner
Channing, Marion L.Magic of Spinning, ThePamphletSpinning
Channing, Marion L.Textile Tools of Colonial Homes, TheBookWeaving
Chetwynd, HilaryWeaver's Workbook, TheBookWeavingBeginner
Chetwynd, HilarySimple WeavingBookWeaving
Chown, M.J. & Mary E. BlackColour Guide for HandweaversBookWeaving
Ciaranello, R., J. Flanagan, M. ThompsonHuck Pattern CollectionBookWeaving
Clark, HazelFibres to FabricsBookSpinning
Collingwood, PeterTechniques of Rug Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Collingwood, PeterHis Weaves & WeavingBookWeaving
Collingwood, PeterTechniques of Rug Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Collingwood, PeterRug Weaving Techniques, Beyond the BasicsBookWeaving
Collingwood, Peter & H. CoperRugs and Wall Hangings | PotsBookWeaving
Constantine, M. & J.L. LarsenBeyond Craft: The Art FabricBookArt
Creager, ClaraWeben - comprehensive German textBookWeaving
Creager, ClaraWeaving: A Creative Approach for BeginnersBookWeavingBeginner
Crill, RosemaryIndian Ikat TextilesBookWeaving
Crockett, CandaceComplete Spinning Book, TheBookSpinning
Crook, JackieNatural DyeingBookDyeing
Croot, AnnWoven Carpets & RugsBookWeaving
Crowfoot, G. & H.L. RothHand Spinning and WoolcombingBookSpinning
Curtis, Linda KubikSew Something Special, Sewing with Handwoven FabricsBookWeaving
Cypher, Carol HuberHow We FeltBookFelting
Cyrus-Zetterstrom, UllaManual of Swedish WeavingBookWeaving
Cyrus-Zetterstrom, UllaManual of Swedish WeavingBookWeaving
Davenport, Elsie G.Your Yarn DyeingBookDyeing
Davenport, Elsie G.Yarn DyeingBookDyeing
Davenport, Elsie G.Your HandspinningBookSpinningBeginner
Davenport, Elsie G.Your HandspinningBookSpinningBeginner
Davenport, Elsie G.Your HandweavingBookWeaving
Davidson, Mary FrancesDye Pot, ThePamphletDyeing
Davis, Marlene, et al.Nova Scotia Work Basket, ABookNeedlework
Davison, Marguerite P.Handweaver's Pattern Book, ABookWeaving
Davison, Marguerite P.Handweaver's Pattern Book, ABookWeaving
De Grandis, LuiginaTheory and Use of ColorBookColour
Dean, JennyWild ColorBookDyeing
Dendel, Esther W.Needle WeavingBookWeaving
Dendel, Esther W.Basic Book of Fingerweaving, TheBookWeaving
di Bello, AngelinaHaute Couture TechniquesBookSewing
Dickerson, KatherineFlesberg SystemBookWeaving
Dierks, LeslieCreative Clay JewelryBookJewelry
Dixon, AnneHandweaver's Pattern Directory, TheBookWeaving
Dixon, AnneInkle Pattern DirectoryBookWeaving
Djambatan, PenerbitTenun Ikat Indonesian IkatsBookWeaving
Dockstader, Frederick J.Weaving Arts of North American IndianBookWeaving
Douglas, Harriet C. (Tidball)Handweavers Instruction ManualBookWeaving
Drooker, PenelopeEmbroidering with the LoomBookWeaving
Duncan, M. & G. BullExploring Colour & DesignBookWeaving
Ehrman, HughDesigner KnittingBookKnitting
Elégance International1966/67 Fall/Winter Swatched Edition No. 3BinderWeaving
Elégance International1967/68 Fall/Winter Swatched Edition No. 4BinderWeaving
Elégance International1968/69 Fall/Winter Swatched Edition No. 3BinderWeaving
Ellis, CatharineWoven ShiboriBookWeaving, Dyeing
Epstein, NickyKnitted EmbellishmentsBookKnitting
Epstein, NickyKnitting On the EdgeBookKnitting
Ericson, LoisOpening & ClosingBookFinishing
Ericson, Lois & DianeBag Book, TheBookSewing
Fannin, AllenHandspinning: Art & TechniqueBookSpinning
Fannin, Allen A.Handloom Weaving TechnologyBookWeaving
Fassett, KaffeGlorious KnittingBookDyeing
Fassett, KaffeWonderful Colour Vol IDVDColour
Fassett, KaffeWonderful Colour Vol IIDVDColour
Fassett, KaffeGlorious Colour, Knitting and NeedlepointBookSpinning
Fee, JacquelineSweater WorkshopBookKnitting
Feitelson, AnnThe Art of Fair Isle KnittingBookKnitting
Field, AnneSpinning Wool - Beyond the BasicsBookSpinning
Field, AnneThe Ashford Book of SpinningBookSpinning
Fisher, JoanArt of Macramé, TheBookMacramé
Flint, IndiaEco ColourBookDyeing
Flint, IndiaSecond SkinBookTextiles
Folts, Teressa & David MathiesonWarping the Loom AloneBookWeaving
Fournier, Nola & JaneIn Sheep's ClothingBookSpinning
Francisco, Irene (Lily Mills)Opening a Door to Two Harness TechniquesPamphletWeaving
Fraquemont, AbbyRespect The SpindleBookSpinning
Frey, BertaDesigning & Drafting for HandweaversBookWeaving
Fry, LauraMagic in the WaterBookWeaving
Fry, LauraEfficient Weaver, TheDVDWeaving
Furry, M.S. & B.M. ViemontHome Dyeing with Natural DyesPamphletDyeing
Gallagher, Constance D.More Linen HeirloomsBookWeaving
Garrett, CayWarping All by YourselfBookWeaving
Garwood-Young, KarenHandweavers's Recipes for Family and HomeBookWeaving
Gibson-Roberts, PriscillaSpinning in the Old WayBookSpinning
Gillingham, A.Knitting Circles Around SocksBookWeaving
Glasbrook, KirstenTapestry WeavingBookWeaving
Gordon, JoleenHeritage of Splintwood Basketry in N.S.BookBasketry
Grasett, K.Complete Guild to Hand SpinningPamphletSpinning
Green, DavidFabric Painting & DyeingBookDyeing
Gregor/Rousseau-Vermette/ StaniszkisThree Canadian Fibre ArtistsBookWeaving
Grierson, RonaldWoven RugsBookWeaving
Grierson, SuWhorl and WheelPamphletSpinning
Griffin, GertrudeWeaver's Primer, ABookWeaving
Griffin, GertrudeCustom Designed FabricBookWeaving
Groff, Russell E.Card (Tablet) WeavingBookWeaving
Groff, Russell E.Sectional Warping Made EasyBookWeaving
Groff, Russell E.200 Patterns for Mulitiple Harness LoomsBookWeaving
GuildGuild Photos1972-80BookPhotos
GuildGuild Photos 1980-86BookPhotos
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter - 1970-79BinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter – 1980-89BinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter - 1999 – 2000 Swatches OnlyBinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter - 1990 – 1996BinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter - 2012 - 2018BinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter - 2019 – 2022BinderWeaving
Guild of Canadian WeaversNewsletter – 1958-69BinderWeaving, Spinning
Guild, TriciaTricia Guild on ColourBookColour
Gustafson, PaulaSalish WeavingBookWeaving
Halsey, MikeDouble Cloth on Four-shaft LoomsPamphletWeaving
Hamaker, BarbaraClothing: A Handwoven ApproachBookWeaving
Hamamura, John & SusanWoven WorksBookWeaving
Handweaver's Guild of AmericaHelps & HintsBookWeaving
Handweavers Guild of AmericaSpinningBookSpinning
HandwovenHandwoven Index and Resource Directory, TheBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #1 Simple Summer TopsBookWeavingBeginner
HandwovenDesign Collection #4 OuterwearBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #3 GiftsBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #6 Not for Beginners OnlyBookWeavingBeginner
HandwovenDesign Collection #8 Just RagsBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #18 A Treasury of TowelsBookWeavingBeginner
HandwovenDesign Collection #7 Simple StylesBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #10 Terrific Table ToppersBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #20 Weekend Weaving ProjectsBookWeaving
HandwovenHandwoven ScarvesBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #11 Heirloom Table LinensBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #12 Great Cover UpsBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #14 Weaving for BabyBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #16 Kitchen CollectionBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #17 Jackets and PulloversBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #13 Super Simple TopsBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #2 Table LinensBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #5 DishtowelsBookWeaving
HandwovenDesign Collection #15 Sensational ScarvesBookWeaving
Harmsen, BillPatterns & Sources of Navajo WeavingBookWeaving
Harrisville DesignsFinishing Handwoven Wool FabricBookWeaving
Harrold, Robert & Phyllis LeggFolk Costumes of The WorldBookWeaving
Hart, RowenaAshford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Hart, RowenaAshford Book of Weaving for Knitters, TheBookWeaving
Harvey, NancyGuide to Successful Tapestry Weaving, ABookWeaving
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study GuideBookWeaving
Hawkins, ElizabethIndian Weaving, Knitting, Basketry of the NorthwestPamphletWeaving, Knitting
Hayes, Bertha A.Complete Book of Bertha Hayes' PatternsBookWeaving
Heinrich, LindaAll About Linen - Comp. Study of Flax & LinenBinderWeaving
Heinrich, LindaMagic of Linen, TheBookWeaving
Heinrich, LindaMagic of Linen, TheBookWeaving
Held, ShirleyWeaving, A Handbook for Fibre CraftsmenBookWeaving
Hendrickson, LindaTubular Cardwoven NeckpiecesBookWeaving
Hess, KatharineTextile Fibres & Their UseBookWeaving
Hiraiwa, NatsunoShapeshapeBookSewing
Hjert J. & P. Von RosenstielLoom ConstructionBookWeaving
Hochberg, BetteHandspinner's HandbookPamphletSpinning
Hochberg, BetteSpin, Span, SpunPamphletSpinning
Hochberg, BetteFibre FactsPamphletSpinning
Hochberg, BetteHandspindlesPamphletSpinning
Hodgins, SandraTheory of BlocksBinderWeaving
Holderness, Esther R.Peasant ChicBookWeaving
Holding, MayNotes on Spinning and Dyeing WoolPamphletSpinning, Dyeing
Holland, NinaWeaving Primer, TheBookWeaving
Hollen, Norma and Jane SaddlerTextilesBookWeaving, Spinning, Knitting
Hooper, LutherHand-loom Weaving Plain and OrnamentalBookWeaving
Hoppe, E. & Ragnar EdbergCarding, Spinning, DyeingBookWeaving
Hoppe, E., E. Ostlund, L. MelenFree Weaving on Frame and LoomBookWeaving
Horne, BeverleyFleece in Your HandsBookSpinning
Hoskins, Nancy ArthurWeft-Faced Pattern Weaves, Tabby to TaquetteBookWeaving
Ingers, G., K. Mauritzson, M. MeijerRoligt att VävaBookWeaving
Ingram, ArthurShepherding Tools and CustomsPamphletSpinning
InkleHints on Inkle WeavingBookWeaving
InklePlans for Inkle LoomBookWeaving
InkleInkle PatternsBookWeaving
Interweave PressBest of Interweave Knits, TheBookKnitting
Irwin, BobbieSpinner's Companion, TheBookSpinning
Irwin, BobbieTwined Rag RugsBookWeaving
Itten, JohannesColor Star, TheBookColour
Itten, JohannesElements of Color, TheBookColour
Jackson, ConstanceWoolcraft Book (New Zealand), TheBookWeaving, Spinning, Dyeing
Jacobs, Betty E.M.Growing Herbs and Plants for DyeingBookDyeing
James, H.L.Posts & Rugs: The Story of Navajo Rugs & Their HomesBookWeaving
Jarvis, Helen N.Weaving a Traditional CoverletBookWeaving
Jenkins, J. GeraintFrom Fleece to Fabric - The Technological History of the Welsh Woollen IndustryPamphletWeaving, Spinning
Jerde, JudithEncyclopedia of TextilesBookWeaving, Spinning
Jerstorp, K. & E. KohlmarkTextile Design Book, TheBookWeaving
Johansson, LillemorDamask & Opphamta with Weaving Sword or DrawloomBookWeaving
Johnson, Wendy D.Socks From the Toe UpBookKnitting
Keasbey, DoramaySheer Delight - Handwoven TransparenciesBookWeaving
Keasbey, DoramayDesigning with Blocks for HandweaversBookWeaving
Keasbey, DoramayDesigning with Blocks for HandweaversBookWeaving
Kent, Kate PeckStory of Navaho Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Kidd, JaneJourney, 10 yearsBookWeaving
Kidd, JaneCuriousBookWeaving
Kieffer, Susan, Ed.Fiberarts Design Book SevenBookArt-inspriation
Kierstead, Sallie PeaseNatural DyesBookDyeing
King, AngelaKnit TwoBookKnitting
Kirby, MaryDesigning on the LoomBookWeaving
Kirby, MaryDesigning on the LoomBookWeaving
Kircher, UrsulaWeaving on Kircher LoomsPamphletWeaving
Klein, BernatEye For ColourBookSpinning
Kluge, MarilynJoy of Spinning, TheBookSpinning
Knisely, TomLoom Owner's Companion, TheDVDWeaving
Knisely, TomWeave a Good RugDVDWeaving
Knowledge NetworkChilkat WeaversDVDWeaving
Knutson, LindaSynthetic Dyes for Natural FibresBookDyeing
Kobayashi, ShigenobouBook of Colors, ABookColour
Kolander, CherylSilk Worker's Notebook, ABookWeaving
Krochmal, Arnold & ConnieComplete Illustrated Book of Dyes from Natural Sources, TheBookDyeing
Kroll, CarolWhole Craft of Spinning, TheBookSpinning
Kroll, CarolPutting on the DogPamphletSpinning
Kroncke, GretaSimple WeavingBookWeavingBeginner
Kurtz, Carol S.Designing for WeavingBookWeaving
Lamb, SaraSpin to WeaveDVDSpinning
Lambert, Staepelaire & FryColor and FiberBookWeaving
Lambert, Staepelaire & FryColor and FiberBookWeaving
Larsen, J.L. & J. WeeksFabrics for Interiors: A Guide for Architects, Designers and ConsumersBookWeaving
Larsen, Jack LenorFurnishing Fabrics: An International SourcebookBookWeaving
Larson, Jack LenorWeaver's Memoir, ABookWeaving
Lathrop-Smit, HermineNatural DyesBookDyeing
Laughlin, Mary ElisabethMore Than FourBookWeaving
Leadbeater, ElizaSpinning and Spinning WheelsPamphletSpinning
Leadbeater, ElizaHandspinningBookSpinning
Leclerc, RobertWarp & Weave - loom manualBookWeavingBeginner
Leechman, DouglasVegetable DyesPamphletDyeing
Lesch, AlmaVegetable DyeingBookDyeing
Lewis, ShirleyShifu-Fine Handmade Paper ClothBookPaper Cloth
Lewis, ShirleyHand PapermakingDVDPapermaking
Liebler, BarbaraHands on WeavingBookWeavingBeginner
Ligon, LindaHome Spun - Hand KnitBookKnitting
Ligon, Linda (editor)Rug Weaver's Source Book, ABookWeaving
Linder, Olive & HarryHandspinning FlaxBookSpinning
Linder, Olive & HarryHand Spinning CottonBookSpinning
Lloyd, LisaFine Fleece, ABookSpinning
Lohrer, MargritMerino KnitsBookKnitting
LouetDiscover the World of Weaving LoomsDVDWeaving
Lundback, MajaSmall WebsBookWeaving
Lundell, LailaDas Grosse Webbuch - comprehensive German textBookWeaving
Lundell, LailaBig Book of Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Lynne, EricaAngora: A Handbook for SpinnersBookSpinning
MacDonald, AgnesSimple Tartan WeavingPamphletWeaving
MacKenzie, JudithSpinner's Toolbox, TheDVDSpinning
Maile, AnneTie-dyed PaperBookDyeing
Mairet, EthelVegetable DyesBookDyeing
Maiwa ProductionsIndigo - A World of BlueDVDDyeing
Maiwa ProductionsThrough The Eye Of A NeedleDVDNeedlework
Maiwa ProductionsTana Bana Wisdom Of The LoomDVDWeaving
Martin, Grace O.Quiet Joy (Design Through Nature), TheBookWeaving, Dyeing
Mathieson, DavidBuilding the Oregon LoomBookWeaving
Matthews, Kate, Ed.Fiberarts Design Book ThreeBookArt/Inspriation
Mayer, Anita L.Creative ClothDVDTextiles
Mayer, Anita L.Clothing from the Hands That WeaveBookWeaving
Mayer, Anita L.Anita Mayer Handweaver WorkshopBookWeaving
McCall'sMcCall's How to WeaveBookWeavingBeginner
McCuin, Judith MacKenzieIntentional Spinner, TheBookSpinning
McDowell, GraceLace Weaving on a Box LoomBookWeaving
McEneely, NaomiCompendium of Finishing TechniquesBookWeaving
McGrath, Judy W.Dyes from Lichens & PlantsBookDyeing
Meany, Janet & Paula PfaffRag Rug HandbookBookWeaving
Meek, Kati ReederReflections from a Flaxen PastBookWeaving
Meilach, Dona Z.MacraméBookMacramé
Meilach, Dona Z.Creative Art from Fibres and FabricsBookTextiles
Melen, LisaFestremsor ack Gilledukar (Household Weaving)BookWeaving
Melville, SallyKnitting Experience, The, Book 3: ColorBookKnitting
Melville, SallyBook 1: The Knit StitchBookKnitting
Melville, SallyBook 2: The Purl StitchBookKnitting
Menz, DebMulticolors in Handspinning--WorkshopBookSpinning
Menz, DebColor in SpinningBookSpinning, Dyeing
Menz, DebColorworksBookWeaving, Spinning, Knitting
Mercer, JohnSpinner's Workshop, TheBookSpinning
Merrill, R. & B. HaightBarbara 'n Me on Lichening (Gathering)BookDyeing
Miles, VeraWeaving Patterns for the Two Way LoomPamphletWeaving
Millen, RogerWeaving Your Own TweedsBookWeaving
Milner, AnnThe Ashford Book of DyeingBookDyeing
Milner, AnnI Can Spin a Different ThreadPamphletSpinning
MiscellaneousPractical Weaving SuggestionsBookGuild History
MiscellaneousHistory Salt Spring Island Weavers and SpinnersBookHistory
Moore, JenniferDoubleweaveBookWeaving
Moorman, TheoWeaving as an Art FormBookWeaving
Morgan, Miss LucyGift from the Hills: The Story of her Penland SchoolBookWeaving
Mortensen, DianeDesigning Fabrics at the Loom / Home FurnishingsBinderWeaving
Mulford, JudyBasic Pine Needle BasketryBookBasketry
Muller, DonnaHand Woven LacesBookWeaving
Munsell, A.H.Color Notation, ABookColour
Murdoch BooksWeave handmade styleBookWeaving
Murray, RosemaryPractical Modern WeavingBookWeaving
Murtagh, MariaNew Ways, New ClothsPamphletWeaving
Murtagh, MariaHandlooms and Cloth HallsPamphletWeaving
Naumann, Rose & R. HullOff Loom Weaving Book, TheBookWeaving
Nava, MarinellaBook of Knitting, TheBookKnitting
Neilson, RosalieThirty-Seven Interlacements of Hira Kara Gumi, TheBookWeaving
Neilson, RosalieTwenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu GumiBookWeaving
New Zealand Wool BoardNew Zealand Sheep & Their WoolBookSpinning
Newman, MargaretWeaving Drafts, Notes Samples,BookWeaving
Norbury, JamesTraditional Knitting PatternsBookKnitting
Nye, Thelma M. ed.Swedish WeavingBookWeaving
Oelsner, G.H.Handbook of Weaves, ABookWeaving
Olchowecki, VictoriaCourse Instruction for Children's Weaving ScarvesBookWeaving
Orban, Nancy, Ed.Fiberarts Design Book FourBookArt/Inspiration
Osterkamp, PeggyWinding a Warp & Using a PaddleBookWeavingBeginner
Osterkamp, PeggyWarping Your LoomBookWeavingBeginner
Osterkamp, PeggyHow To Wind a Warp & Use a PaddleBookWeaving
Osterkamp, PeggyWarping Your LoomBookWeaving
Owen, RoderickMaking KumihimoBookBraiding
Paddon Mary- compiled by167 International Sheep BreedsBinderSpinning
Parker, Xenia LeyCreative HandweavingBookWeaving
Patrick, JaneTime to WeaveBookWeavingBeginner
Patterson, GeoffreyStory of British Wool, TheBookWeaving
Pendleton, MaryNavajo & Hopi Weaving TechniquesBookWeaving
Pennington, D. & M. TaylorAmerican Spinning WheelsBookSpinning
Phillips, BartyTapestry BookBookWeaving
Phillips, JanetWeaver’s Book of Fabric Design, TheBookWeaving
Phillips, JanetDesigning Woven FabricsBookWeaving
Phillips, Mary WalkerStep by Step MacraméBookMacraméBeginner
Philosopher's WoolTwo-handed Fair IsleDVDKnitting
Pitkin Pictorals Ltd. (Pub.)Scottish TartansPamphletWeaving
Plath, IonaHandweaver's Pattern Book, TheBookWeavingBeginner
Plath, IonaHandweavingBookWeavingBeginner
Podolak, CeceliaEasy Guide to Sewing JacketsBookWeaving
Ponderosa Spinners & WeaversFrom Okanagan Looms - Drafts & SamplesBookWeaving
Porecella, YvonneEthnic PatternsBookWeaving
Portland Handweavers GuildTales of FashionBookWeaving
Prideaux, VivenA Handbook of Indigo DyeingBookDyeing
Quebec Dept. of AgricultureHome WeavingBookWeaving
Rainey, SaritaWeaving Without a LoomBookWeaving
Ranson, RavenHomegrown Linen: Transforming Flaxseed into FibreBookSpinning
Rasband, JudithFabulous FitBookWeaving
Raven, LeeHands On SpinningBookSpinningBeginner
Raven, LeeSpin It - Making Yarn From ScratchBookSpinning
Redman, JaneFrame Loom WeavingBookWeaving
Reeve, JoThe Ashford Book of CardingBookSpinning
Regensteiner, ElseWeaver's Study CourseBookWeaving
Regensteiner, ElseArt of Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Regensteiner, ElseWeaving SourcebookBookWeaving
Regensteiner, ElseGeometric Design in WeavingBookWeaving
Regensteiner, ElseWeaving SourcebookBookWeaving
Regensteiner, ElseProgram for a Weaving Study GroupBookWeaving
Rhodes, MarySmall Woven TapestriesBookWeaving
Richards, AnnWeaving Textiles That Shape ThemselvesBookWeaving
Ritch, D. & Y. WadaIkat - An IntroductionBookWeaving, Dyeing
Robertson, SeonaidDyes from PlantsBookDyeing
Robinson, DebbyEncyclopedia of Knitting Techniques, TheBookKnitting
Robson, D. & C. EkariusFleece and Fiber Sourcebook, TheBookSpinning
Ross, MabelEncyclopedia of Hand SpinningBookSpinning
Ross, MabelHandspinner's Workbook: Fancy YarnsBookSpinning
Ross, MabelThe Essentials of Yarn Design for HandspinnersBookSpinning
Roth, Bettie & Chris SchulzHandbook of Timesaving Tables for Weavers, Spinners & DyersBookWeaving, Spinning, Dyeing
Roth, EvelynRecycling Book, The Evelyn RothBookDyeing
Royal B.C. MuseumConservation Notes 2002BookWeaving
Rush, H. & R. EmmonsSweaters by HandBookKnitting
Russell, Carol K.Tapestry Handbook, TheBookWeaving
Russell, ElfledaOff-loom Weaving: A Basic ManualBookWeaving
Ryall, PierreWeaving Techniques for the Multiple-Harness LoomBookWeaving
Ryder, Michael L.Sheep and Wool for Handicraft WorkersPamphletSpinning
Salem Area SpinnersSpin Tips, A Handbook for Hand SpinnersBookSpinning
SamplesSamples from Victoria & Other GuildsBinderWeaving
Samuel, CherylRaven's Tail, TheBookWeaving
Samuel, CherylChilkat Dancing Blanket, TheBookWeaving
SaoriSaori (in Japanese)BookWeaving
Scarlett, James D.Scotland's Clans and TartansBookWeaving
Schorsch, Anita, ed.Art of the Weaver, TheBookWeaving
Schurch, CharleneSensational Knitted SocksBookKnitting
Seagroatt, MargaretRug Weaving for BeginnersBookWeavingBeginner
Search PressSpindle SpinningPamphletSpinning
Searles, Nancy M.Technique of Freeform Design, TheBookWeaving
Seattle Weavers GuildThrums From Weavers' KitchenBookWeaving
Selander, MalinSwedish Swatches – Green (Woven samples)BookWeaving
Selander, MalinWeave a WeaveBookWeaving
Selander, MalinSwedish HandweavingBookWeaving
Selander, MalinSwedish Swatches ( Photos)BookWeaving
Selander, MalinWeaving PatternsBookWeaving
Selander, MalinWeave a WeaveBookWeaving
Selby, MargoColor and Texture in WeavingBookWeaving
Selk, KarenSilk FusionDVDSilk fusionBeginner
Selk, KarenSilk FusionDVDSilk fusion
Selk, KarenSumptuous Silk ClothingBinderWeaving
Senechal, MarjorieSilk UnraveledBookWeaving
Shantz, MinervaMinerva's Notebook on Spinning & DyeingPamphletSpinning, Dyeing
Sharp, LaurieFelted Feathered FriendsBookFelting
Shelp, W.J. & C. WostenbergEight Shafts: A Place to BeginBookWeaving
Simmons, MaxDyes & DyeingBookDyeing
Simmons, PaulaSpinning and Weaving with WoolBookSpinning
Simmons, PaulaSpinning and Weaving with WoolBookSpinning
Simmons, PaulaHandspinner's Guide to Selling, TheBookSpinning
Simpson, L.E. and M. WeirWeaver's Craft, TheBookWeaving
Skowronski, H. & M. ReddySprang - Thread Twisting (A Technique)BookWeaving
Smith, Frances B.Inkle Loom WeavingBookWeaving
Smith, Paul and Ivy NormanDyeing as a HandicraftPamphletDyeing
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Smithsonian InstitutionPlans for Making an Early American LoomBookWeaving
Snell, JudithSpinit (Drop Spindle)BookWeaving
Snow, Marjorie & WilliamStep by Step Tablet WeavingBookWeavingBeginner
Snow, Marjorie & WilliamStep by Step Tablet WeavingBookWeaving
Snyder, Mary E.Lace and Lacey WeavesBookWeaving
Snyder, Mary E.Crackle Weave, TheBookWeaving
Spencer, AudreySpinning & Weaving at Upper Canada VillageBookWeaving, Spinning
Spin OffTops With a TwistBookKnitting
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildEye for Colour 2006, 2008BinderPhotos
SSI Weavers & Spinners Guild25th Anniversary; Fashion Show 2002; Retreat 1992DVDHistory
SSI Weavers & Spinners Guild40th Anniversary / Eye For Colour 2012 (non circulating)BookPhotos/Write-up
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildGroup Study of Arcott FleeceBinderSpinning
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildShadow Weave Study GroupBinderWeaving
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildBateman Blend Weaves 1996BinderWeaving
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildTransforming TraditionsBinderWeaving
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildCalendar Project Design NotesBinderWeaving
SSI Weavers & Spinners GuildA Guild Challenge 2001BookWeaving
Stace, AileenTwists to Treasures - A Primer for SpinnersBookSpinning
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Stafford, JaneBeginner's Weaving 1993BinderWeaving
Steege, Gwen W.The Knitter's Life ListBookKnitting
Stockton, JamesDesigner's Guide to Colour - 1BookColour/design
Stockton, JamesDesigner's Guide to Colour - 2BookColour/design
Stove, MargaretHandspinning Dyeing & Working With Merino & Superfine WoolsBookSpinning, Dyeing
Strickler, C. & B. TaggartWeaving in MiniaturePamphletWeaving
Strickler, Carol8 Shaft PatternsBookWeaving
Sullivan, Donna LeePique: Plain & PatternedBookWeaving
Sullivan, Donna LeeSummer & WinterBookWeaving
Sullivan, Donna LeeWeaving OvershotBookWeaving
Sunset BooksWeaving Techniques & ProjectsBookWeavingBeginner
Sutton, AnnStructure of Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Sutton, Ann & Diana SheehanIdeas in WeavingBookWeaving
Sutton, Ann & Richard CarrTartans - Their Art and HistoryBookWeaving
Sutton, Ann, Ed.Falcot's Weave CompendiumBookWeaving
Svinicki, EuniceStep by Step Spinning & DyeingBookSpinning, DyeingBeginner
SWE-AnonSwedish Textile ArtBookWeaving
Tacker, Harold & SylviaBand WeavingBookWeaving
Tallarovic, JoanneRep Weave and BeyondBookWeaving
Tapper, JoanShear SpiritBookKnitting
Tate, BlairWarp - A Weaving Reference, TheBookWeaving
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Tate, LouWeaving Is FunBookWeaving
Tate, Lou directorContemporary American Handwoven TextilesBookWeaving
Tattersall, C.E.C.Notes on Carpet Knotting and WeavingPamphletWeaving
Teal, PeterHand Woolcombing and SpinningBookSpinning
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Thorpe, A.S. & J.L. LarsenElements of Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Thresh, ChristineSpinning with a Drop SpindlePamphletSpinning
Thresh, Robert & ChristineIntroduction to Natural Dyeing, AnPamphletDyeing
Thurstan, ViolettaUse of Vegetable Dyes, ThePamphletDyeing
Tidball, HarrietWeavers Book, TheBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietTwo Harness Textiles (Open Work Weaves)BookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietSupplementary Warp PatterningBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietDouble Weave, The -- Plain & PatternedBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietPeru, Textiles Unlimited - Part 1BookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietWeaver's Book of Scottish Tartans, TheBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietDouble Weave, The -- Plain & PatternedBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietSurface Interest: Textiles of Today, Shuttle Craft Monograph 2BookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietContemporary TapestryBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietWeaving Inkle BandsBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietContemporary Costume: Strictly HandwovenBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietBrocadeBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietContemporary SatinsBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietHandwoven SpecialtiesBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietWoolen & TweedsBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietUndulating Weft EffectsBookWeaving
Tidball, HarrietHandloom Weaves, TheBookWeaving
Tod, O.G.Joy of Handweaving, TheBookWeavingBeginner
Tod, O.G. & J.C. Del DeoRug Weaving for EveryoneBookWeaving
Tod, O.G. & J.C. Del DeoDesigning and Making Handwoven RugsBookWeaving
Tovey, JohnTechnique of Weaving, TheBookWeaving
Tovey, JohnWeaves and Pattern DraftingBookWeaving
Trotzig, Liv & Astrid AxelssonWeaving BandsBookWeaving
Turner, KatyLegacy of the Great Wheel, TheBookWeaving
Ulster MuseumSpinning WheelsPamphletSpinning
van der Hoogt, MadelynComplete Book of Drafting, TheBookWeaving
van der Hoogt, MadelynBest of Weavers, The - Huck LaceBookWeaving
van der Hoogt, MadelynBest of Weaver's, The: Thick and ThinBookWeaving
van der Hoogt, MadelynBest of Weaver's, The: Fabrics That Go BumpBookWeaving
van der Hoogt, MadelynBest of Weaver's, The: Overshot is Hot!BookWeaving
van der Hoogt, MadelynComplete Book of Drafting, TheBookWeaving
Van Dommelin, DavidDecorative Wall HangingsBookWeaving
Van Gelder, LydiaIkatBookWeaving
Van Stralen, TrudyIndigo Madder & MarigoldBookDyeing
Varney, DianeSpinning Designer YarnsBookSpinning
Väv MagasinetWeavers' DelightBookWeaving
Victoria & Albert MuseumBrief Guide to Turkish Woven FabricsPamphletWeaving
Victoria & Albert MuseumBrief Guide to Persian Woven FabricsPamphletWeaving
Vinroot, S. & J. CrowderNew Dyer, TheBookDyeing
Virginia, MarionColonial CoverletsPamphletWeaving
Vogel, LynneTwisted Sisters Sock Workbook, TheBookKnitting
Voiers, LeslieWinding Multi-colored Warps with a Warping PaddleBookWeaving
Voiers, LesliePlain Weave Is Anything But PlainBookWeaving
Wallbank /PaddonPresentation of a FleeceDVDSpinning
Wallbank, RosemaryMore Than FourBinderWeaving
Waller, IreneThread: An Art FormBookWeaving
Walsh, M. & A. HopeLiving ColorsBookColour
Ward, MichaelArt & Design in TextilesBookWeaving
Wasserman, T. & J. HillBolivian Indian TextilesBookWeaving
Weaver's MagazineWeaver's Super Index 2000BookWeaving
Weaving (Tapestry) CatalogueWeaving Between the LinesBookWeaving
Weigle, PalmyAncient Dyes for Modern WeaversBookDyeing
Weigle, PalmyColor Exercises for the WeaverBookWeaving
Wells, Oliver N.Salish WeavingBookWeaving
Welsh, ChristineStory of the Coast Salish Knitters, TheDVDWeaving
Wertenberger, KathrynIntroduction to Multishaft Weaving 8-12-20, AnBookWeaving
West, VirginiaFinishing TouchesBookWeaving
West, VirginiaWeavers' WearablesBookWeaving
West, VirginiaWeaving from Virginia WestBinderWeaving
West, VirginiaHandwoven LinensBinderWeaving
West, VirginiaDesigner DiagonalsBookWeaving
West, W.C.Anyone Can Build a Spinning WheelPamphletWeaving
Wickens, Hetty M.Beginner's Guide to SpinningBookSpinningBeginner
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Willcox, Donald J.Techniques of Rya KnottingBookWeaving
Willcox, Donald J.New Design in WeavingBookWeaving
Wilson, ColleenTales from the Attic: Practical Advice on Preserving Heirlooms and CollectiblesBookPreservation
Wilson, J. & J. BurhenWeaving You Can WearBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanWeaving is CreativeBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanJoinings, Edges & TrimsBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanPile Weaves, TheBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanWeaving is FunBookWeavingBeginner
Wilson, JeanWeaving You Can UseBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanWeaving is for AnyoneBookWeaving
Wilson, JeanWeave with StyleBookWeaving
Windeknecht, MargaretColour-and-Weave IIBookWeaving
Windeknecht, Margaret B.Rosepath Motif, TheBookWeaving
Windeknecht, Margaret B.Pinwheel, The: An Exploration of Color-and-Weave DesignBookWeaving
Windeknecht, Margaret B.Point Twill with Color-and-WeaveBookWeaving
Wipplinger, MicheleColor TrendsBookDesign/Colour
Women's InstituteSpinning, Dyeing and WeavingBookWeaving, Spinning, Dyeing
Wood, MyraKnit in New DirectionsBookKnitting
Worst, EdwardWeaving with Foot Power LoomsBookWeavingBeginner
Worstmann-Weltge, SigridBauhaus TextilesBookWeaving
XRXThinking Outside the SoxBookKnitting
Zielinski, S.A.Encyclopedia of HandweavingBookWeaving
Zilboorg, AnnaSocks for Sandals and ClogsBookKnitting
Zilboorg, AnnaFine and Fanciful Hats to KnitBookKnitting
Znamierowski, NellStep by Step WeavingBookWeavingBeginner
Znamierowski, NellStep by Step WeavingBookWeavingBeginner

Guild Calendar

Guild Calendar insert can be downloaded by clicking this link:  Weavers & Spinners Guild Calendar 2024.