Spinning and Weaving at the Fall Fair

Learning to Spin and Weave at the Fair

Salt Spring Fall Fair spinning!

How long does it take to learn to make yarn on a drop spindle? At the Salt Spring Fall Fair it took about half an hour. Some of the students signed up for more lessons over the winter, and some headed straight for the only fibre vendor at the Fair to stock up on raw materials. See our classes to learn about spinning on Salt Spring.

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What is Yarn?

What is Yarn?

By adding twist to a bunch of fibres, we make yarn. There are three steps in making yarn. Thinning the bunch of fibres to the thickness you want, adding twist, and storing the resulting yarn. Once you understand the steps involved, you can begin to appreciate the many different ways that fibres can be combined to make yarns with different properties. Twisting two or more single strands together is called plying and further increases yarn strength. The properties of the finished product will vary in strength, softness, smoothness and durability based on the length and character of the fibres involved.

Many hand spinning tools will be on display at the Fall Fair, at the Annex and in the demonstration tent.  Watch hand spinning with many different kinds of drop spindle, and  see how treadle spinning wheels work. When you see drop spindles and treadle wheels side by side you can see what a huge technical advance the invention of the spinning wheel was. Sign up at the Weavers and Spinners demonstration tent for lessons in basic drop spindling and  pick up a sample of prepared wool. The yarn you make will be yours to take home.


Learn spinning at this year's Fall Fair.

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