Salt Spring Island Weavers and Spinners Guild

Salt Spring Island Weavers Guild

Fifty years working together in the arts community, the Salt Spring Island Weavers and Spinners Guild has grown to include weavers and spinners, as well as knitters, felters, and all those who want to be challenged by both traditional and non-conventional approaches to working with fibre. Since incorporation in 1972, we are in our sixth decade as an organization dedicated to preserving skills and techniques handed down from generations and to passing on those skills to those next in line. However, no art is static. We are also looking for members who will push the boundaries, experiment with fibre and devise new techniques for incorporating skills that demonstrate the wonderful versatility of fibre.

The Salt Spring Island Weavers and Spinners Guild meets regularly to share and learn together. We have a varied program every year with workshops and presentations on weaving and spinning as well as knitting and crochet. Our meetings are open, so please feel free to come out to see what we are doing if you are on the island or visiting. Browse our website, check out our calendar, call or email us for more information.

“It often amazes me how many old friendships I value originated in the Guild.  Long may the Guild continue to be a source of interest, pleasure and, above all, friendship.”

Josie Clement-LakeLife Member

Salt Spring Weavers at the Celebration of Arts
Salt Spring Weavers at the Fall Fair